R4 3DS Emulator

R4 3DS Emulator Version 11.9.0 Free

An emulator for playing Nintendo games on your PC

This software program is designed for those of you who absolutely worship games and can't get on without them. Heavy gamers are used to getting any game they like and enjoying it to the fullest extent. However, on rare occasions, they stumble upon a game available for Nintendo, that cannot be found in a PC version without having any Nintendo consoles in their vicinity. Imagine their frustration – so close and yet so far! Well, with R4 3DS, it's so close and yet, even closer!
R4 3DS is an emulator which enables playing Nintendo games on regular home PCs. It can also be used in order to check how DS games will run on a R4 3DS flash card.
But even this great tool has a downside as it won't support the newest 3DS games. Can't ask for everything, now, can we?
It's largely based on the freeware NDS emulator NoGBA and operating it is easy enough. After launching the emulator you'll be asked to insert a cartridge. At this point, you can try jamming a Nintendo cartridge into your PC risking injury to both you and your PC. Otherwise, you can simply select a Nintendo DS rom file stored on your PC and let the fun begin.
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